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How Virtual Reality is Beginning to Play A Pivotal Role in Major Industries

Uzair Khan
Uzair Khan

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The Sci-Fi movies are the best thing since sliced bread! Aren’t we all thrilled by what movies like Interstellar show us?




No matter how advanced Technology becomes, we are going to be thrilled by how movies depict the impossible.

It is surely something that can be labelled as a continuous refinement of human intellect.

Virtual Reality is one such phenomenon. There is no end to the possibilities that VR technology will keep amazing us with. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the next big thing that we can amuse ourselves with.

Where the spectators play their part, each one of us has a role in taking this tradition forward. Before that let’s find out how the VR technology works and what are the key highlights of its content creation methodology.


What is VR?

Virtual reality is a man-made environment that is produced by software and offered to the user in a way that the user believes and sees it as a real setting. On a computer, virtual reality is basically achieved by two of our senses: sight and sound.

“You take for granted how limited you are by two dimensions when you’re using a classic application, because that’s what we’ve been using forever. But in VR, you can start to think about how to uninhibit your mind to work more efficiently with an extra dimension.”

—Jack Donovanblo


The question of virtual reality and its content creation for apps has become viral on the internet. The hype is steadily growing, pushing the limits and boundaries of our imagination.


VR Hype


Virtual Reality still has not reached its huge breakthrough because of many technical factors and the progress is yet to be arranged by various disciplines. But we can assert that Virtual Reality is hastening as it paves its way towards the hearts of the users, the customers, the marketers and the developers.


Development of the high-quality VR content drives the enactment of VR as it is exactly the thing that attracts people prima facie. Many of us are a tad jaded of the conventional media and the ordinary ways of presenting the knowledge. That is the reason why it is becoming so important to focus on producing appealing content that will further the polarity of VR. But to generate this content, you should concede to its methods and basic principles.


Through consistent research and thorough understanding of the concept, I have, in this article, listed down some keen observations on how you can employ virtual reality in app development.


Virtual Reality has revolutionised some industries already. Let’s have a look at these industries:

Industries Transformed by Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been associated with gaming for quite some time now; it’s high time for it to expand its reach, with more and more users already surfacing. It’s staying employed in various applications in different capacities, very often including job training or distinct ways of presenting a concept or experience to the audience.


Below are some industries that are applying virtual reality and elaborating how they’re consolidating it into everyday life.



Virtual Reality has multiple applications for healthcare. One use, which is not new, is the use of VR in medicine and treatment. For example, psychiatrists use VR in cognitive behaviour therapeutics to heal patients with social issues or phobias like flying, public speaking, or heights. The controlled environment enables doctors to present their patients to the simulations and train them on ways to cope with how they’re responding to situations.


VR in Healthcare Industry




Entertainment will probably be one of the earliest and strongest examples of the virtual reality, and gaming is one of the numbers of obvious uses. There are other apps, though, like Oculus Cinema, which allows users to watch a movie in a deserted movie theatre all by themselves. The movie theatre industry is, undoubtedly, stoked.


Everything from loud music and throngs of rowdy fans to immersive VR concert experience is covered under virtual reality. Users can hover near piano on stage, or just near the speakers while artists perform in their VR app. Coldplay also released a VR experience app in the year 2014.


VR In Entertainment




Ford Motor Company right now uses virtual reality in its Immersion Lab to help get an idea of how customers drive their cars. They employ Oculus Rift headsets, to look at high def renderings of the inside and outside of cars. They’ve also produced prop-like tools, such as a flashlight, to be used in the VR experience to simulate the experience of looking around a car in the dark.


Similarly, Audi announced this year that they’ll be employing VR later in the year to provide potential car buyers with an in-depth picture of their cars, along with the capability to customise not just colours, but electronics systems, inlays, and also the inside leather.



Branded VR experiences are taking on many shapes. DODOcase, which makes Google Cardboard pop-up viewers, will customise viewers with logos and the like for companies. Digital marketing agencies are also exploring how they might couple VR and brands.


In one recent instance, makers of the movie Interstellar also produced a travelling VR experience that placed users in the cockpit of the spaceship just as in the movie.



Training will be a primary use for VR — there’s scope for everyone from technicians to doctors. For younger students although, virtual reality in the classroom would imply virtual field trips, immersive sports, and even works for kids with exceptional needs.



NASA’s been using VR for years, particularly in training. One new use has more to do with adjusting the condition of life and mental health of astronauts on longer term missions.


VR in Space



The design is a Virtual Space Station, which would be “a set of interactive behavioural health training and treatment plans with support from NASA’s National Space Biomedical Research Institute,” based on a statement. The Dartmouth’s Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab even received a $1.6 donation for the project.


Skilled trades

Welding is an old business, but now practice can be enhanced with virtual reality. One significant benefit is that practising virtual reality training involves money that doesn’t have to be wasted on stuff to practice with, and the trainees can replicate the task as many times as they wish to. It won’t compensate traditional training, but it can get the method faster and at an affordable cost.


How to create content for a virtual reality app?

Now comes the next part, how to develop content for a VR app?


There are two ways you can get your virtual reality app content developed. The first one is certainly very affordable, though it does compromise with the quality.


A 360-degree video is an appropriate solution to creating a comprehensive immersive event of a particular action through the real world. It needs you to be equipped though.


360 Degree Video


For instance, a spherical camera with 360-degree lens is needed to do the recording, tripods and Steadicams to edit and make the video sailing even, etc. Using a drone is also a possible choice. For post-production actions, you will even require a special editing application, like Videostitch, that can help you with the footage compilation making sure the high quality of the end product is maintained. Here is a snapshot of the application.





When you are not able to produce a video employing the real world setting, it is high time you sought answers in 3D animation.


With 3D animation, you only stop when you’re tired of imagining. Your onlookers are able to check and find out the place they have been moved into, unlike 360-degree videos in which users are not allowed to change their position as they are fixed at a point.


However, it is still feasible to revolve the camera to view the complete image, but the 3D animation is only another dimension of liberty. In the virtual 3D space, you can roam about anywhere you wish and interact with a particular object.


3D Animation


These two ways are rather exhaustive, so I feel it would be smarter to offer you a quick glance on what could be the best practices involving each technique.


Considering that, we will also label some advantages of employing each way of generating the VR content in the subsequent sections in the article.

Making 360 video

It is the second way you can apply for Virtual Reality content creation. The first thing the viewers would want out of your footage is fun and entertainment, your footage should be entertaining and should be able to keep them hooked all through. Otherwise, no one is going to see it even with VR technology linked to it.


This is why you shouldn’t refrain to mix match and make various ideas work, use different entry points, and blunt angles. Also, keep in mind that you’re generating content for the audience that has varying levels of acquaintance with the concept of VR. It is essential to make everyone happy, so you should think of different ways to reach them out with the data. Also, don’t forget about clear steps, choices, and clues to keep users aware of the VR options.


Also, ensure that your content is compatible with every device people use to see it, whether it is a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet, or the gadgets like Google Cardboard and Daydream. Looking at 360-degree pictures on a PC with a mouse should be equally as smooth as viewing them or sliding a tablet for the similar reason as well as the other way around. Getting positive reactions from engaging with an app is only as essential as the content itself.


360 Degree Picture



Getting positive reactions from engaging with an app is only as essential as the content itself. Be it on your desktop website, or in the app, and everywhere your app works.


User guidance is essential for the successful completion of your endeavour. Don’t hold back from putting instructions at each level on or the new users, but if done right it will train them enabling them to obtain a full VR experience. This way you can be certain that viewers are not only looking at the room corners but also going through the entire environment.

3D Animation and Virtual Reality

3D animation is something you should choose when you want to attain better immersion and provide your app with a better and realistic feel. Users have the complete freedom to move wherever they wish to, have a closer look at the objects around and engage with them as they might in the real life setting.


Here is an extreme stereoscopic video of virtual reality travel – 3D


One of the simplest ways to generate a virtual environment is to employ Structure Sensor which will act as a 3D scanner when linked to a tablet. All that catches this scanner in the real world achieves a virtual 3D model. It consists of rooms, furnishings, and also people! Structure Sensor is stable with Android tablets and Apple’s iPads.  


If you wish to go big, then you can also employ game engines just like Unity or Unreal. These are the game development tools, but nothing abstains you from employing them to generate 3D models, creations, and interior designs.


Check out the list of the best VR games here.


So, along with a dedicated team of developers and professionals, you can give a bold 3D VR experience on each engine.


So after knowing all the ins and outs of the VR technology, it’s time you should go through some of its benefits for your further satisfaction.

Why use Virtual Reality?

A virtual reality component in your app or product will give you a great and easy way to market it. It gets much easier to keep people glued, with all their conscience, have them to buy your product, and have them speak about it at lengths. The better the quality of the VR content you create, the larger is the hype.


Here is a snapshot of how Samsung’s latest VR gear gives the view.

Samsung VR Gear



So, hovering on an entertaining content with complete 3D animation is entirely justified if you have the resources. Powerful marketing campaign backed up by such amazing experiments will give you visible advantages over your peers.


Go through: How much does VR application development cost to have an idea of your pocket size.


With Virtual Reality spreading its reach in each and every industry, there have been continuous developments in the way people live and buy.

With what can be termed as the reinvention of sale points along with the evolution of applications for wide marketing usage, it has become crucial not to miss any such pivotal moment and join the stream. And believe us there are tons of areas to flood with VR content: event management, trade shows, sightseeing tours, virtual vacations, etc.

So, without wasting any more time, start with your own VR app idea along with your chosen developers. The future of virtual reality is bright and fascinating, so it is about time you joined the club.


Uzair Khan
Uzair Khan
A techie by degree and a sales and marketing expert by profession, Uzair possess extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing. He has a keen interest in helping Small and Medium Enterprises to grow and has expertise in implementing the ebusiness solutions into their businesses for better growth and Productivity. He has the experience of successfully implementing Sales and Marketing Automation for several SMEs in Melbourne and Geelong.
Uzair Khan
Uzair Khan
A techie by degree and a sales and marketing expert by profession, Uzair possess extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing. He has a keen interest in helping Small and Medium Enterprises to grow and has expertise in implementing the ebusiness solutions into their businesses for better growth and Productivity. He has the experience of successfully implementing Sales and Marketing Automation for several SMEs in Melbourne and Geelong.

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