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Better Health Company (BHC)

Scope and Description(Include services and complexity)

Better Health Company (BHC) delivers innovative health promoting programs, training and resources in partnership with State Governments. BHC runs multiple programs for multiple government clients and every program has unique characteristics in terms of different duration, sessions and modules, online or offline, multiple surveys. The surveys are dynamic based on previous data. They have different reporting requirements for various Government organisations and different program partners. In many instances there are the same programs which are accessed by different organisations or programs developed in age groups, which require multiple reporting features and dashboards reports based on the age group of the participants or organisation

Successes / value add / lessons learnt relevant to this contract


  • Successfully accomplished Website upgrade to comply with NSW Government Security Requirements and Accessibility requirements.
  • Reduced Program administration time significantly by automating participant and attendance management.
  • Developed advanced custom reporting capabilities to match requirements of 3 different State Governments and 12 different national local councils.

Value Adds

  • We were able to transfer the technology structure from a monolithic architecture to a microservices based architecture.
  • We decoupled their system to make it more efficient, cost effective and easier to manage and scale.
  • Trusted partnership where they can come to us with a problem, and we can present and deliver on a solution.

Lessons Learnt

  • Initially we were applying patches to a legacy system that was built around 8-years ago and had a monolithic architecture. We quickly identified that the code was inferior, and we were having regression issues. We started identifying areas of the app that we could isolate from the existing architecture and develop it as a microservice, thereby reducing the overall risk and improving the efficiency of the system. We provided opportunities to develop a long-term solution, rather than patch fixes/
  • This website caters to both parents and health professionals. Originally the system was designed for a single user persona, so we developed a user persona and identified both of their needs.
  • When they first came to us, their website was designed for a single user persona, however we learnt that there were actually 2-user personas from our mapping – families and health professionals. As a result, we designed a website that catered for both user personas and delivered a premium UX for both user types.


Summary of OHS performance

There have been no workplace accidents or incidents that would warrant an escalation to a third party. We worked in conjunction with the Victorian Government with relation to Covid-19 regulations and keeping our staff and customers safe.


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Platforms – WordPress, Drupal, Moodle

  • Complex backend – allows govt reps, trainers and health professionals to access and manage program and participant information in a secure way. There are multiple different websites with their own database integrated with the backend database, as well as Moodle LMS, that facilitates the delivery of the program for families and children.
  • Integrated with a single database that govt representatives use to monitor the progress of the participants and to run the programs.
  • Security & Confidentiality – Segregation of data storage. Personal identifiable info of the users. Multiple gov agencies using a single database.
  • Web Accessibility WCAG 2.1 AA compliant
  • Website that caters to both families and children, with easy navigational tools and engaging UX.
  • This website feeds off a Learning Management System built on Moodle.
  • Complex integrations with Moodle and separate training website backend.
  • Large server component.


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