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Since our establishment, we have provided multi-dimensional web design and development solutions across Australia. We are highly obliged to serve a range of businesses, including startups and successfully-running firms, and proudly yield results for our clients belonging to different industries.

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Vision Australia

Scope and Description (Include services and complexity)

Re-design of Vision Australia Website, integrating the principles of Design System and accessible page builder on a multi-site environment. For this project we have scoped and delivered a unique design system for Vision Australia, allowing their marketing team to utilise pre-approved (WCAG compliant) template components to produce quick and on brand website content and marketing campaigns.


Successes / value add / lessons learnt relevant to this contract

The biggest success was the trusting partnership we developed right from the beginning. Vision Australia’s extensive technical team on the project put their trust in us and we respected and valued this trust. Our solution was customised for our client’s specific requirements, which exceeded all of their expectations.

Since commencing this project, we have scoped and delivered a unique design system for Vision Australia, allowing their marketing team to utilise pre-approved template components to produce quick and on brand website content and marketing campaigns.

This platform brings accessibility and eCommerce together in a seamless, beautiful and dynamic way that has resulted in an elegant solution. Michael and the team at Vision Australia are highly satisfied with the platform we have delivered and the interactions with everyone on our team allowing us to develop a genuine partnership that delivered:

  • Increased sales revenue by 30% in the first 6 weeks post deployment.
  • An accessible workplace

Value Adds
The value of undertaking a detailed scoping workshop before finalising the technical approach ensured that we not only met the brief of Vision Australia’s online shop; but were able to deliver solutions that had not been previously considered or thought achievable.

Communication is key. With our dedicated communication channels and regular meetings, neither we nor our stakeholders were left wondering how things were going or where we were at in the project.

We deployed experienced Magento and UI developers and testers who were experienced with WCAG 2.1 guidelines. Our team converted Figma designs into a fully accessible ecommerce platform. Our testing team played a major role in ensuring that the project was delivered hassle free and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Lessons Learnt
Web accessibility was a cornerstone requirement for the development of this platform, and we have gained valuable experience and learnings from working together with Vision Australia’s accessibility team to deliver their online shop.

We learned so much working on this project and even when hurdles came along, our clients’ trust in us never wavered and we worked together as a team to identify the issue, the root cause and the best solution to address the issue.

Working with Vision Australia was a pivotal project delivery engagement for our business, as it really allowed our team of professionals to really shine and showcase our breadth of expertise. We proved to ourselves and our clients that even when we’re under pressure with workloads, timeframes and unexpected issues arise that we band together to get the job done, continue to provide the very best communication and customer service and deliver on a project as we committed to. This project is something that as a team we are very proud of. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to showcase our expertise and talents with complex projects and set a collaborative approach and performance benchmark going forward.

Summary of OHS performance
There have been no workplace accidents or incidents that would warrant an escalation to a third party. We worked in conjunction with the Victorian Government with relation to Covid-19 regulations and keeping our staff and customers safe.


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Platform: Drupal

  • Complex 3rd party integrations, including Netsuite, Salesforce, OKTA and Mulesoft –
  • Development of components based on Design System that could be used by designers and content editors to develop new design templates.
  • Development of a fully accessible Drupal page builder that allows blind and low vision content editors to generate new pages and campaigns without any prior knowledge of HTML.
  • User authentication through Okta which is a third-party authentication tool.
  • WCAG 2.1 AAA Web Accessibility – assistive technologies for people with blindness and low vision (BLV)
  • Decoupling the frontend visual style from the backend content editing experience to ensure brand consistency throughout the website.
  • Redevelopment and improvements in the donation functionality and donor sub-site. visionaustralia.org/donate
  • Redesign of eshop to provide a fully accessible buying and checkout experience for BLV users. We recommend you check out Vision Australia’s shopping experience by adding a product to the cart and proceeding to the checkout. Using your keyboard or a screen reader (and close your eyes) to get a full understanding of how amazing this shopping experience really is. This is for both BLV and non-BLV users. shop.visionaustralia.org
  • Ability for the theme to be applied across 8 other micro sites in the Drupal multisite architecture. (This is currently under construction).


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